That's me, so generous.  To a fault, really.  I'm just like my Uncle Earl.   Uncle Earl was so generous,   if you needed it, he'd take the shirt off his back and give it to you - right then and there.    Of course, later he started  taking everything off and we had to put him in a home.

"BEAUTY"  monologue  from  SKIRTS

Anne Flanagan
Anne Flanagan's sharply defined portrayals of dorky girls, cynical/crazy women and industry types... is a showcase for [her] considerable talents, and the profusion of wicked one-liners is enormously entertaining.   -  L. A. Weekly

Artifice is
"... light, breezy, clever and fun... Anne Flanagan’s quirky script, wastes no time immersing its audience in the world of egotistical artists, conniving dealers and vengeful wealthy patrons. It’s the perfect setting for intrigue and a bit of misdirection comedy." ~ Herald Times

"In Artifice, a lot of comedy enlivens the stage as eight disparate characters meet, scheme, and entertain."
 - Houston Press
Anne is a writer, occasional actor, and full time cynic.  She's written some plays, won lots of awards, and published a bit.  She's worked as a teacher, a private investigator, and a nude model - none of which were as exciting as one might think.

Anne is a member of the Dramatists Guild, Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights, the Female Playwright's Initiative, Screen Actor's Guild, and the Auto Club.

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